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Energizing Cities

Report CoverDownload our report on communities that are pioneering the clean energy economy. Learn how small- to medium-sized cities are piloting innovative energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grid, and eco-mobility solutions.

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Capitalism at the Crossroads: Next Generation Business Strategies for a Post-Crisis World (3rd Edition)

New strategies for identifying sustainable products, technologies, and business models that will drive urgently needed growth and help solve social and environmental problems at the same time.

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From Our Partners

“I have never been in a workshop with better-prepared presenters or more focused participation, and I’ve been to several over my career. Your consultant team was dynamite. I left there thinking Hillsboro was really something – this isn’t just visioning, this is real groundwork for what manifests in the near future. It really felt like time very well spent.”

- Allison Hamilton, Oregon Solar Highway Program Manager, Office of Innovative Partnerships, Oregon Department of Transportation